“Fine Jewelery Shopping” Paris

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Fine jewelry shopping in Paris

The story starts with a jeweler seen on a movie star. A very stylish and emotional one. Our couple guest came and explained that they are not shopper. At all !  They are happy to spend a moment with us, happy to be in Paris coming from the US, but not expressing clear expectations. Excepted this incredible jeweler seen on a movie star, but not really telling if this is a dream or a real desire to buy it.

I feel they don’t like so much the idea of being with a personal shopper. Why should they ? they are not used to that. They can go by themselves to a shop and say “I want to buy that or that…”. 

We meet at their hotel. I introduce myself, my job, my passion “I am your French Personal Shopper…” “At your service for the day…”I tell them, that they can take this experience easy, things will come by themselves. We leave from the hotel and during the travel by car, I suggest we go to the “Place des Vosges”. I want them to feel the heart of very old Paris : some artists galleries, the oldest tea shop “Dammann Frères”, or to recommend them the michelin restaurant “L’Ambroisie”. I ask them about their tastes, what do they love to shop usually.

My guests start to open themselves and tell about a few things they have been really wanted for a long time : a Vuitton bag which has never been bought for whatever reason, a pair of shoes that will fit perfectly with a dress from my guest’s wardrobe, and a dress, a silk one with a special shape but they don’t remember the designer name. And finally this jeweler which comes back in the conversation…from an unknown designer !

We arrive “Place des Vosges” I explain them a few words about history, about “l’Hôtel de Sully”, the house of Victor Hugo and the Issey Miyake fashion workshop. We eat a few “macarons”, we make a nice break. The weather is perfect, spring is beginning, some people are riding a bike, and it is so quiet around “Place des Vosges”, very relaxing. The magic is playing.

I found the designer of the infamous jeweler mentioned, I show them on my smartphone, I have also my idea about the bag, the dress and the shoes, being ready offering other options. We decide it’s time to leave “PLace des Vosges” to move to “Place Vendôme”, I call my contacts to ensure the best quality of welcome, preparing collections and to have this cosy lounge my guests usually love so much.

Arriving in “Place Vendôme” we are nicely welcomed, in a VIP manner. The atmosphere is easy and classy, we watch the collection, we have the private lounge, we also meet the workshop manager telling us some secrets of the 200 years house. And finally it is there : the jeweler of their dream. Located in this amazingly beautiful place. We share that happiness and emotions around a glass of champagne… and let magic play !


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