“Private Styling for Men”Paris

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Private styling for men in Paris

Here is the paradox : it is not easy to find the perfect style with a full wardrobe ! This is what we had to fix for one of our customer. A man having a high level business position being in a traditional environment and limitated by his company dress code.

We have focused on two main jobs : check the business style and wardrobe and build style for the other days : week-end, vacations, social life.

For the business style the job was quite simple : we just had to refresh the wardrobe. Check that every piece is optimizing the figure and in line with the company dress code. We just added a few trendy, but discreet pieces and  brought alluring with classy accessories.

The wardrobe of people having dress code at their job is often unbalanced. Sometimes they have a full wardrobe, but not in line with the dress code. They don’t have enough opportunity to wear all those clothes. And they don’t know how to manage their outside job style. This disconnection makes them feel frustrated. That’s why they request help from stylists to invest time and energy building a complete style matching with their life.

We have balanced the wardrobe of our customer : the week-ends are just a few days compared to the daily needs. It is not necessary to have too much quantities, but a few significant pieces very well selected. We have checked every side of our customer’s lifestyle : how is his life during the week end ? Does he stay  home ? Does he travel ? Does he practice some sport ? And what about his social life ? And family life?

As a result we have orchestrated everything to build a satisfying style, helping assembly everything as in a puzzle game !

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